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Vital signs, body mass index, and growth charts (MU2)

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MU Requirements


Taken from ONC Final Rule:File:2014 Edition Cert Federal Register.pdf
(4) Vital signs, body mass index, and growth charts. (i) Vital signs. Enable a user to
electronically record, change, and access, at a minimum, a patient’s height/length, weight, and
blood pressure. Height/length, weight, and blood pressure must be recorded in numerical values
(ii) Calculate body mass index. Automatically calculate and electronically display body mass
index based on a patient’s height and weight.
(iii) Optional—Plot and display growth charts. Plot and electronically display, upon request,
growth charts for patients.

Per ONC/NIST Final Test Methods

See here:


Analyzed - Bradymiller 11:37, 16 December 2012 (UTC)
Code to complete this developed by Jan Jajalla and committed into the codebase on 2/8/2014


Code to complete this developed by Jan Jajalla and committed into the codebase on 2/8/2014

Testing Report

Resolved Inconsistencies

  • Blood pressure systolic and diastolic accepting non-numerical characters.
    • If entered 120s, 80d in corresponding fields, it should save only 120 and 80 respectively. However, 120s/80d is getting stored and retrieved.
  • Term "Length" should be added as alternate for Height like Height/Length in Vital screen

As per Brady's statement, since Growth charts are optional, it won't be concentrated as of now.

  • [Optional] Growth charts - Remove the age limit.
From Health IT Test procedures

we proposed to remove the age range reference (2-20 years old) from this capability

Here is the test report Version 1. File:Vitals.pdf

Inconsistencies found[2/10/2014]

  • BMI calculation vary from the expected result by 0.1.
    -- Agreed to the point the Brady discussed in forum thread. BMI calculation in test data is not appropriate.
  • This is a calculation error in the testing script, so this is a PASS. The correct BSI of 168 centimeters and 62 kilograms is 22.0, not 21.9. See this link for more details:

Here is the updated test report Version 2. File:Vitals v2.pdf

OpenEMR and EHR Support – Meaningful Use Stage 2 Testing of OpenEMR


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