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Talk:OpenEMR Certification Stage II Meaningful Use

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Sponsorhip / funding has been offered to MI2 for the following measures

 a8.  Clinical decision support 
 a11.  Smoking status
 a12.  Images and interpretations
 a13. Family health history 
 a14. Patient list creation 
 a15. Patient-specific education resources 
 d2. Auditable events and tamper-resistance 
 d3. Audit report(s) 
 d4. Amendments 
 d7. End-user device encryption  (OEMR should be exempt.)
 g1. Automated numerator recording 
 g2. Automated measure calculation 
 g3. Safety-enhanced design 
 g4. Quality management system 

More details to follow, just putting in this as a note for the moment. --Tony McCormick 19:30, 21 February 2014 (UTC)