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Reference Laboratory

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For reference labs the reference lab transports the specimen to the outside lab. The specimens are transported in appropriate bio-hazard bags with an appropriate order for the requested labs. Many of these reference laboratories provide couriers to pick up these specimens.

The specimens are transported the reference laboratory.

The specimens are analyzed.

Reference diagnostic testing results are delivered the ordering physicians office. As much as possible these results are transmitted electronically to the office to laboratory computer.

The technician prints these labs as they are received on a daily basis.

Technician checks off labs on master patient specimen log. Checks for missing or outstanding labs.

Printed labs reports are reviewed, interpreted and signed by ordering practitioner.

The laboratory report is then scanned and uploaded in the electronic health record fo the patient. It is legally required to include the information about the name, address, initials of the technician, laboratory director of the actual testing facility. To leave this off implies that the lab was performed on-site by the physician office (which is usually not the case).

Patient is called to notify them of results. If unable to notify by phone, patient is notified by mail. Whenever possible, patient questions are answered.

If abnormal lab results, patient is scheduled for follow up.