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OpenEMR 3.2 XAMPP Package Installation

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This is a one-click installation of OpenEMR with the XAMPP(php, mysql, and apache) package for Windows operating systems.

Quick Installation:
-Download package here: OpenEMR-XAMPP-3.2.0.exe (MD5 sum: 0de670bb92dd4bc364dc84722bfbcb3d)
-Double-click the downloaded file
IMPORTANT - If installing on Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, or Windows 7; you must right-click on the downloaded file and select "Run as Administrator".
-Login as user:admin and pass:pass

More details:
-Both OpenEMR and XAMPP can not be previously installed. (remove c:\xampp folder if it's there before installing this package.)
-The package will install to c:\xampp (this can not be configured)
-Http ports (443, 80) in the firewall will be opened during setup to allow other computers to use this as a server.
-Mysql and Apache will be installed as services.


Author of this OpenEMR Installer Package:
Chris Lucena