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OpenEMR 3.2.0 Virtual Appliance

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The most current OpenEMR Appliance can be found here: OpenEMR 4.1.1 Virtual Appliance

(includes OpenEMR with SSL on Ubuntu Server Edition 8.04):

This appliance can be run on any Operating System (Linux, Windows, etc.) that supports the VMware Player. It has many possible applications, such as a fully functional demo, a testing/developing platform, and as the starting point in real world clinic applications. The installation/configuration instructions of this appliance are included in the User Manual below. Detailed instructions on building the appliance are also included, which will allow simple transition to a native server, if required. Instructions on installing printers, configuring the email server, setting up an automatic backup scheme utilizing encryption, and setting up a static IP address along with other administrative tasks are also included.

  1. The User Manual can be downloaded at (There are also detailed upgrade instructions here for users with previous OpenEMR Virtual Appliance versions):
  2. Download and install the free VMware Player at:
  3. The OpenEMR Appliance can be downloaded via Direct Download or Torrent (this file is 1 GB, and extracts to 2.2 GB):
  4. Try out the Online OpenEMR VM Demo at:

Brady Miller