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Google Health API

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John Williams, Thomas Wong and Samuel T. Bowen, MD were invited to start a Goggle Health API committee. The intent is to register ay Google and Google Health to all importing personal health records via standard CCR and/or CCD documents. This will allow patients electronic access to the personal health records and also provide an electronic copy of their personal health records.

The following sites are contain information to allow the certification of to allow us to proceed with creating the API. John Williams and Garden State Health Systems has agree to provide the development for the API.

Getting Started:

Registering the Domain:

Registering a new domain:

The process starts with "verifying the domain" by uploading a file to the domain. I have previously registered with Google as the web page owner. I am confused as to whether this process needs to be repeated.

I also need a self signed X.509 certificate. "To create a certificate, generate a public key. The public key must be a 1024-bit RSA key encoded in an X.509 certificate in PEM format. We suggest creating a self-signed certification rather than getting one from a central certificate authority."

Sam Bowen