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Drug Decision Support

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MU Requirements

Meaningful Use Measures:

The EP has enabled this functionality.

Certification Criteria for EHR:

1. Automatically and electronically generate and indicate (e. pop-up message or sound) in real-time, alerts at the point care for drug-drug and drug-allergy contraindications based on medication list, medication allergy list, age, and CPOE.

2. Enable a user to electronically check if drugs are in a formulary or preferred drug list in accordance with the standard specified in Table 2A row 2: Applicable Part D standard required by law (i.e., NCPDP Formulary & Benefits Standard 1.0).

3. Provide certain users with administrator rights to deactivate, modify, and add rules for drug-drug and drug-allergy checking.

4. Automatically and electronically track, record, and generate reports on the number of alerts responded to by a user.


  • Available
    • Any place where a physician would be writing a prescription
    • Form them menu/navigation system in any context for general use
  • Must be able to pull the existing Active Meds from the issues list (and prescriptions table?)
  • Must execute the interaction and report the results on screen.
  • Must be able to print the results for the patient, if desired.
  • May want to save the results as a patient chart note
  • May want to log that a check was done and by who (audit)

Proposed Solution

Chetu has implemented a solution, waiting on completed funding to take delivery


  • This is a client/server architecture. The client is going to be released GPL as part of OpenEMR.

Effected Code, Tables, etc

Owner and Status

  • Chetu Team, MI2 Team