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CCHIT Project QA Testing Page

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QA testing is done on OpenEMR against various CCHIT Meaningful Use certification requirements. Successful QA testing will result in posting the components for integration into the Source Forge based OpenEMR project.

Each Component has three sections:

Certification Criteria
QA Test Plan
Test Results

QA Details CCHIT component listed in the Wiki Requirements page

Summary of Testing Metrics

QA Testing Component List

  1. Foundational Infrastructure: Security and Privacy
    1. Password Policy Enhancements
    2. SSL Configuration
    3. Client Side Certificates
    4. Audit Control
    5. Data Integrity
    6. Emergency Access Procedure
    7. Consent Management - BPPC - Phase II
    8. HIPAA De-Identification
  2. Computer Physician Order Entry
  3. Drug Decision Support
  4. Problem List
  5. Electronic Prescribing
  6. Medication List
  7. Medication Allergy List
  8. Demographics
  9. Vital Signs
  10. Smoking Status
  11. Lab Test Results
  12. Patient Lists
  13. CMS Quality Reporting
  14. Patient Reminders
  15. Clinical Decision Rules
  16. Insurance Eligibility
  17. Electronic Claims Submission
  18. Patient Electronic Copy of Health Information
  19. Patient Electronic Access to Health Information
  20. Patient Clinical Summary
  21. Exchange Clinical Information
  22. Medication Reconciliation
  23. Summary Care Record for Transition of Care/Referral
  24. Immunization Registries
  25. Electronic Syndromic Surveillance