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CCHIT Organizational Teleconference 4

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Teleconference #4.

Conference line: 503-564-4670, 9, 1 passcode 24024# 11 AM EDT 10-23-2009.

OpenEMR Meeting 8/14/09 11:00am

Members announcing their presence at the beginning of the call:

Sam Bowen, MD
Dr. Michael Brody
Tony McCormick

Sam Bowen: Intro, Opening Comments

Dr Brody: Updates on the CCHIT Certification

Action Items from Last Meeting:

Mike Brody: Deliver Info on... Administrative – deletion of inactive user accounts.
Encryption of information duriong transcryption such as SSL
Health Information Exchange encryption

Chris Lucena: data interchange for florida “SHOTS” immunizations

Chris Lucena: Lab Modules has a module working using “Hypersend”, MikeB found a lab clearing house that might be just the thing - Life Point Informatics

Mike Brody: contact labcorp to get their sdk

TonyMcC: Billing Support - Have finalized the improvements to billing/EDI interface and will send them to the group for review next week, starting work on the statement billing module enhancement specs

TonyMcC: Computerized physician order entry, started the thread to discuss the options, so far

Unassigned: Find report builder tool (3rd party tools available) for users to create their own report

Unassigned: e-prescribing using Fred trotter's solution.

New Business:

Next Meeting:


Board Postitions:

  • President - Sam Bowen, MD
  • Vice President - Rod Roark
  • Secretary - Tony McCormick
  • Treasurer - David Herman, CPA
  • Michael Brody
  • Chris Lucena - Project Management
  • John Williams
  • Sena Pelanasami - Project Managemen
  • Jason Morrill

Project Management:

  • Chris Lucena (lead manager)
  • Tony McCormick
  • John Williams
  • Sena Pelanasami