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Currently the federal government is pushing CCHIT as the vendor to be certified by. I spoke with Dr. David Hughes in the HIT in January. He made it very clear for us to get any help at all we had to CCHIT certified. Currently there are about 450 EHR vendors in the United States. Only 6% of the total have been certified for ambulatory EHR. These are primarily the largest vendors with plenty of resources.

The smaller vendors are complaining like crazy about th prohibitively high cost, complexity, and ongoing high cost to maintain certification. Several are pushing to start a second less expensive certification vendor. Many are writing there US representatives and Senators and complaining. So far, CCHIT has not budged.

There are a couple of our development groups who are working on certification for OpenEMR. OpenEMR already complies with the bulk of the certification criteria. It still lacks the interoperability, laboratory interoperability that is required. There are still some security issues in the code base that needs to be fixed.

I am pushing for some grant money to help pay for this. I am hopeful that we could have the certification issues solved and at least some of the necessary cash raised by the end of the summer so that we try to get OpenEMR certified.

Current funders

$500 Sam Bowen, MD
$500 Mark Leeds, DO
$250 Michael Brody, DPM

$1,250 total


$500 David Herman, CPA
$100 Marco Rojas

$600 total

$1,850 Total plus uncollected pledges