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Advance Directives

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MU Requirements

AM 16.01 Manage patient advance directives The system shall provide the ability to indicate that a patient has completed advance directive(s).

AM 16.02 Manage patient advance directives The system shall provide the ability to indicate the type of advance directives, such as living will, durable power of attorney, or a "Do Not Resuscitate" order.

AM 16.03 Manage patient advance directives The system shall provide the ability to indicate when advance directives were last reviewed.

Proposed Solution


1. Add a new section called "Form Upload" with similar look and layout.

2. Create data fields to allow multiple form uploads.

3. Each data field should have a label so that the Admin can name the form uploaded.


1. Add a new section between Contact and Choices. Name it "Advance Directives".

2. The checkbox should work like the other sections when click on: a boxed text block appears.

3. Create data fields for the followings:

  • Completed Advance Directives? [Yes/No]
  • Type of Advance Directives Completed: [ ]
  • Last Reviewed Date: [ ]

4. Find a place to link the uploaded forms. The user can easily download/open the form by clicking on the link.

5. For #3, if any form is completed, then on the Demographics page (see screenshot above), put a red button after Advance Directives. [x] Advance Directives [Completed]

6. When the red [Completed] button is clicked, show the completed forms for the active patient. The user can click on the link to download/open any form.

Based on the review and feedback at SF, we propose the following changes:

1. Move Advance Directives from Demographics section to Patients > Medical Records.

The following Documents categories and subcategories will be created:

Advance Directives - Do Not Resuscitate - Durable Power of Attorney - Living Will

2. Create a link and section in Summary so that the provider can access the completed forms quickly.

3. Provide a status (color coded) to tell the provider if any of the Advance Directives has been completed.

4. Remove file upload in Administration.

Effected Code, Tables, etc


/library/ Added functions: uploadForm getuploadform updateuploadform deleteUploadForm viewUploadform uploadFile renameUploadFile

/interface/forms_admin/forms_admin.php - Added "Upload Forms for Advance Directives" section.


/sql/advance_directives.sql - Added a new field for patient_data table (this is done manually).

/library/ - Displayed the complete form link in Demographics page

/interface/new/new_comprehensive.php - Displayed the template form link and complete form upload field

/interface/new/new_comprehensive_save.php - Uploaded the forms and store forms name

/interface/patient_file/summary/demographics_full.php - Displayed the red Complete button and show the complete form link after click it. And also displayed the template form link and complete form upload field

/interface/patient_file/summary/demographics_save.php - Deleted, updated the completed form name and form upload


1. Ignore the original changes.

2. User

/interface/patient_file/summary folder

- Added a new file called advancedirectives.php

- Made changes to demographics.php

- Made changes to stats.php

/interface folder

- Added a new text file called "global-advancedirectives.txt" for instructing users on how to add a setting to global.php file

3. SQL

/sql folder

- Added upgrade codes to 3_1_0-to-3_2_0_upgrade.sql

- Added new fields to database.sql

Owner and Status

Thomas Wong

Initial work completed on 12/10/2009.

Administration AD Admin1.png

User AD User2.png

AD User1.png

AD User3.png

Changes done on 12/18/2009.

User User2.png




Updates on 12/30/2009

Changes were finalized and patch #6 released. See SF postings and screenshots below:



The codes were also committed to SVN and will be ready for QA as soon as they are merged to the trunk.

1/2/2010: 100% Completed