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OpenEMR Upgrade Guides

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If you are not using the Ubuntu/Debian, then upgrading OpenEMR needs to be done manually. The INSTALL file in the main directory of OpenEMR outlines a strategy that should be used when upgrading OpenEMR. Also, as of version 3.1.0 OpenEMR is 100% UTF-8; read HERE if you are upgrading from a previous version to see if it makes sense to also upgrade your mysql database to UTF-8.

Linux original source OpenEMR package

Ubuntu/Debian/Mint OpenEMR package

  • Upgrade to 4.2.2
  • Ubuntu 16.04(and later versions), Debian 9(and later version), and Mint 18(and later versions).
  • Ubuntu 15.10(and lesser versions), Debian 8(and lesser version), and Mint 17(and lesser versions).

Windows original source OpenEMR package and the XAMPP package

Windows Pre-installed XAMPP OpenEMR Package

OpenEMR Appliance