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  • Proposed plan (summarized from above forum discussion):
1. Set up a testing instance of phpbb3.
2. Traditional forum setup, which will likely be supported out of the box.
3. Skin it to integrate with site at (the header and footer, which will make it appear to be fully integrated into the site).
4. Integrate Mailing List Features:
  • Users can subscribe to individual forums and/or globally subscribe to all forums.
  • When subscribed, the full message is emailed to the user.
  • A user can reply to this message via email.
  • A user can post a new message via email.
  • If phpbb3 sends email in html format, also need to send a text counterpart via multipart/alternative messages with a text/plain part and a text/html part.
5. Strongly Consider integrating a bug tracker with the forum, if possible (to avoid needing to login to each separately).
  • As the forum, have an option to receive, respond to posts, and make new posts through email.
  • Ensure can provide linkable clicks in the description/comments to improve integration with github/git.
6. Place all sourceforge forum material on the new phpbb3 forum.
7. Migrate the testing site to it's new server/home. Requirements of this server will be reliability in both internet connection and emailing (since it will be a mailing list focus, can not lose any emails).
8. Shut down and redirect the sourceforge forums to the new forum.