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Notes from 3-21 Meeting

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Update on the telephone conference 3-21-2011:


(a) Computerized provider order entry (core)
Need Selvi's team to debug and enhance the transaction modules.
(b) Incorporate laboratory test results (optional)
John Williams suggests doing manual entry of the NIST test data to see if this will pass.
(c) Public health surveillance (optional)
(d) Medication reconciliation (optional)
(e) Patient specific education resources Need to Document Manual Process (optional)
Sam Bowen needs to document this manual process.

Needs completion before testing

(a) Clinical Quality Measures Module
(1) Clinical decision support (coding complete) (Core)
(2) Calculate and submit clinical quality measures (Coding complete, in debugging) (Core)
Ken has the clinical rules modules and is working debugging. Brady was assigned to 7 & 8. Sam Bowen needs access to the clinical decision modules to help with configuration of the rules.
(3) Automated measure calculation (optional)
(4) Patient reminders (coding complete) (optional)
Needs retesting after CQM are completed.
(b) Submission to immunization registries (optional)
Manu states that Ram may start working on this while he is in India. She will try to contact Ram.

Needs integration of laboratory discrete results before testing into the CCR and CCD structure to complete the following.

(a) Electronic copy of health information (Core)
(b) Clinical summaries (Core)
(c) Exchange clinical information (Core)
(d) patient summary record (optional)
(e) Timely access to PHI (optional)

Other Notes

Shameem had a long conference with John Williams, Michael, two developers Eldo, Ajil. They have discussed how to implement the laboratory discrete data into the CCR / CCD. Shameem Hameed wants to interface with Jeremy With Eldo and Ajil to make sure they understand during the design phase what is going to be needed. They want specifically to speak with Jeremy to avoid any pitfalls or gotchas that Jeremy already knows about.

John Williams, Shameem Hameed and Alfonso all would like some HOWTO on order entry. Sam Bowen has offered to start working on configuration of the in-house waivered labs to figure this out.

OpenEMR requires Use with third party e-prescribing solution (a) Drug-drug, drug-allergy interaction checks (b) Drug formulary checks (c) Electronic Prescribing

Shameem Hameed prefers getting the bidirectional interface to SureScripts completed. He is interested in committing some resources and to wants to conference with Sam Bowen and Tony McCormick. Guesstimate 10-12 developer months.

Making a connection through New Crop will be relatively easy and less expensive (guestimate $10K).

Sam Bowen, MD